Divorce Attorney Consultation

Expert Advice: How to Help Your Forensic Accountant

Divorce is hard. Not only is it emotionally grueling, but it can also be such a financial pain. It’s never easy to watch what you’ve worked hard for come tumbling down. As you get help on the emotional side, you also need someone who can help you tackle the financial side. A forensic accountant is […]

Divorce Process | Divide Your Assets

Get Expert Help! Divide Your Assets and Win One of the most difficult parts of divorce proceedings is the division of assets. In California, the law divides assets into community assets and separate assets. Community assets are assets that are attained during the marriage, while separate assets are those attained prior to the marriage or […]

Date of Separation – Why It’s Important to Know (and Agree On)

In family law, the date of separation is very important in determining several contentious issues. If you are considering filing a divorce in California, it will save you a lot of time and money to decide this important date early. Essentially, the date of separation marks the termination of a relationship. When determining the duration […]

How to Find a Divorce Attorney in California?

Questions to Ask Before You Hire! Anyone who owns a business knows the importance of a thorough interview process. The interview process is designed to enable the interviewee to showcase their skills, summarize their successes, and prove to you that they can do the job. You expect to be interviewed before being hired, so why […]

How to Spend Less Money in Divorce Court: Some Expert Tips

It is a fact that 50% of all marriages end in divorce and have done so for ages. With the economy looking up, couples who stick it out through tough times may choose to reassess their options. When the other side of the fence looks greener, couples are more likely to split ways. Couples who […]

How to Properly Fill Out a Schedule of Assets and Debits

You know your assets best. That’s why even the best lawyer needs help filling out a Schedule of Assets and Debts which can save you time and money in your divorce. My Experience with Judicial Council Form FL-142 In my years of working in family law, I have never had a client properly fill out this […]

Helpful Tips on Filling Out Income and Expense Declaration (FL-150)

Completing this form comes with good news and bad. The good news is that you’ve likely completed the first phase of the divorce process and have that part behind you. The bad news is that the second phase, including the completion of this form, can be tedious and a bit labor-intensive. As with all divorce-related […]

Expert Advice: When Do I Consult a Marriage and Family Therapist?

Are you having trouble in your marriage? Have you been considering divorce? When problems in a marriage begin to build up, a couple’s feelings towards each other go through several changes. So, when is the best time to consult a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)? When serious signs of conflict first begin. Unfortunately, this is […]


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